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Fall Show Artists

Rachel Bell

Rachel Bell is currently living and working in the Lehigh Valley.

After graduating from Tyler School of Art and Temple University, she

immersed herself in the Lehigh Valley art community by working in

numerous art related environments such as the Banana Factory

(ArtsQuest), the Allentown Art Museum, and most currently the

Bethlehem House Gallery. Since graduating, she became a certified

floral designer and began working under a local florist in the Easton,

PA flower shop Bloomies. The role as a floral designer influenced

her contemporary painting style and brought her work into the 3D

realm. Rachel has been a featured artist in Bethlehem House

Gallery’s Holiday Show 2020 and Summer Show 2022, while also

displaying her artwork and floral arrangements/installs in many local

venues and restaurants. Currently, Rachel has elevated her role to

Assistant Director and Gallery Manager at the Bethlehem House

Gallery, and maintains her art studio practice in Studio 253 at the

Banana Factory.


“My work deals with the collage of media and materials to create an

emotional representation of myself and my experience. It represents things I take from the physical world but is abstracted to an idea or a fleeting thought. Much of my inspiration is derived from nature and organic elements, such as the floral motif, but also the process of regrowth, discoloration, and the deterioration that happens when nature chooses to reclaim it’s territory onto sides of buildings and pathways. With this physical or representational quality, I expand on, what I consider, an emotional landscape.”


Follow Rachel on IG @rachellbel

Rachel Bell Photo.jpg

Matthew Blum

Matt Blum, an Allentown, PA native, has emerged as a compelling visual storyteller in the world of photography. His cinematic background in the Lehigh Valley, spanning roles from editing to director of photography, served as a prelude to his profound interest in still photography. Captivated by the potent narrative of a single image, Matthew began his photographic endeavors with a modest 35mm darkroom setup. This initial passion soon flourished, leading him to explore the grandeur of large format 4x5". Today, he is deeply invested in traditional printing methods like palladium, cyanotype, and silver gelatin, ensuring each photograph is not merely an image, but a tangible embodiment of his artistry.


Harnessing the depth of traditional photographic practices, I employ meticulous printing techniques such as palladium, cyanotype, and silver gelatin to convey the rich emotions and stories within each frame. My approach is akin to a painter's: selecting the perfect camera for every subject, ensuring it resonates with the desired mood and essence. Every photograph is more than a mere snapshot; it's an individual piece of art, painstakingly hand-printed in my darkroom, exuding its own unique touch and sentiment.


Follow Matt on IG @mblum6180


Devin Feely

Devin Feely is an Easton based artist creating illustrations done in pen and ink. These illustrations are brought to life through the process of free association to create a structure that allows the viewer not only to see things purposely placed within the artwork, but to allow for perception to impose a meaningful interpretation of an otherwise nebulous structure. This process is a form of both subconscious cartographies, as well as creating illustrations that are engaging for the viewer. The viewer can get lost in the piece and explore the chaotic little worlds Devin creates to visually show that not everything is as it appears. Slow down and look; there is always more than meets the eye.


Follow Devin on IG @devinfeely

Feely, D.JPG


Abbey’s work is mainly figurative, most frequently depicting scenes from photographs she takes of people around her as well as movie stills. Her paintings are not illuminating a narrative nor revealing behind-the-scenes details. Rosko distills the figures and sets into painted dream-like visions that evoke ambiguous narratives – real or imagined. Her paintings imbue a strong sense of mood and atmosphere.


Rosko graduated from Moravian College in 2015. She resides in the Lehigh Valley and maintains her painting studio at 22 S 3rd St. in Easton, Pennsylvania.


Follow Abbey on IG @abbeyrosko

Rosko, Abbey_Headshot_edited.jpg
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